Saturday, October 10, 2009


Where to see some of my work -

"Something Different", a very fine craft exhibition of 18 artists, organized by Kathleen Faulkner
Edison Eye in Edison, Washington
Edison has 3 excellent art galleries, don't worry about the address, Edison is only two blocks long.
Open Tuesday-Sunday: Oct 3-16
11am-5pm or by appointment
(360) 766-6276 *
Closes October 16, 2009

Hand to Hand Project
The Corridor Gallery, Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center
Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green

This is Cecelia Kane's impressive project on the Iraq war. Artists made a 6 gloves per week, each based on a headline from the day's news. The quantity and what it represents is overwhelming. I have six kevlar and copper gloves in the show (and I'm on the list to make 6 more). SEE IT if you can. There is a link on this blog...

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