Friday, January 21, 2011

Forecast: Communicating Weather and Climate

Forecast: Communicating Weather and Climate
Washington State Convention Center
Downtown Seattle, WA
Curated by Lele Barnett

Monday April 24 to April 7, 2011
Public opening - April 24, 7 to 9 pm

The exhibit will feature the works of more than 30 regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized artists based in Washington or featured in Seattle art collections. Nine of the artists worked collaboratively with climate scientists.

The exhibit is a collaboration between the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and EcoArts Connections (EAC), which brings together science, arts, and other organizations to advance understanding of climate change and sustainability through performances, exhibits, talks, consulting, and other activities.

I was paired with climate scientist Cecilia Bitz from the University of Washington. Her specialty is Arctic sea ice. We created an anorak that fit Cecilia and then bead embroidered designs that were related to her research, thus clothing the scientist in her own work. The mantle on the shoulders is a map of the Arctic. On the hood are green house gas molecular models. Animals, including man, tumble from the map towards flames at the lower hem, which have within the stock ticker symbols for several major oil and coal companies. Plots and equations of special significance to Cecilia's work are located on the cuffs, sleeves, and front and back of the anorak.

I was quite lucky to be paired with Cecilia as I ended up with a partner that was not only a good scientist, but also a natural at bead embroidery. She made several of the components.