Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Website Update

I'm updating my website... It should be prettier and a bit less of a jumble (in the gallery). Most of the changes are already up and working. A few more will occur... but it's too damn hot in here right now.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Map Making

I have a full head of steam going with my map project for Seattle. The title of the work (it also includes 3 beaded panels) is Cultural Laminae and the map addresses the overlaying of cultures in a geographical area. The map is an irregular shaped copper panel, about 30 x 50 inches centered on Union Bay. All of the details are hand stamped with letter dies and a variety of punches. While the map is fairly accurate, it floats in time - certain modern features are omitted and some ancient features are added in. I used my own hand surveyed map of Union Bay (so, my own personal "culture" is present) and merged it with modern and antique topographic maps and Seattle Public Utility maps. My most recent additions to the map were the portage that I use to get to the lake and tracing of Ravenna Creek and features that are found near it. Work goes on...