Friday, September 11, 2009

What's up

Just finished a new piece, 'The Re-education of Smedley Butler'. It's my second flag piece, and it is the same size as "The Death of Po-Han". Smedley was one of the real people involved in the real story that inspired the novel that inspired "The Death of Po-Han". So, with that, I am back to honing my skills in the technique of traverse mapping. Traverse mapping is how explorers made maps prior to aerial and satellite photography. Now, explorers just go to places that are on maps. I used the technique in my Cultural Laminae piece for Seattle, but there is definitely some skill involved, especially in selecting points and in thinking ahead.

A better image and close up of this piece is on my website,
Wikipedia has a good bio on Smedley Butler. It's worth a read and you'll probably wonder, like I did, how such a person disappears from history.


  1. Wow, Scott! This must have taken forever to create! Well done! You are an inspiration!! :D

  2. i was searching about smedley butler and about you after i started reading your website. thanks for the bites of knowledge. lov

  3. WOW - I'm so impressed. Looking at this beadwork is like reading a novel - there's so much going on in there! Very inspiring!